This fleet was initially designed for my personal use, but after receiving such positive feedback from the Sea of Claws community I decided to make it accessible to everyone. If you have feedback or any questions feel free to contact me:
I hope you like the result!

Download Templates Package COMING SOON

This Zip-file will contain the latest templates, counters and rules.

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Get the fleet

If you plan on printing the fleet I would recommend to download the Snakeship for free first and see if you are happy with the result, before investing into the bundle.


I used for printing. Above you can see my print settings. Make sure to select Resin and 25 μm for maximum fidelity and best detail quality. When I selected “white” as the material color instead of “no preference” the price suddenly dropped by 50%.

I’m not gonna lie, removing the support structure was a huge pain, also due to the fact that it was hardened before removing it. Some fragile pieces like horns, thin flags broke off. I fixed most of it, but you can see that the results aren’t perfect. If you have your own printer the results will be better I think, because you can remove the supports before hardening the resin.

Korneel’s Services was the 3D printing company, which 3D hubs assigned to manufacture the pieces. I was very happy with the results and speed. It was printed on a Formlabs, which is a great printer for high quality minatures.

Once you prime it, all the details are clearly visible. Need to fix some of the horns and details which broke off with green stuff.

When you receive the models, it’s hard to make out the details, because the material has a scattering similar to wax.

I haven’t had a chance to paint the models yet. Will upload my results here.

Big thank you to Dreadaxe, Bill Greenwald, Ian323, sigmar1 and everyone else at the Sea of claws community: